​​​Klahanie Campground


Please read the FAQ's before emailing us or calling us about questions.  You will find that most of your questions will be answered here.

What time is Check In?
Check in is ANY TIME AFTER 12:00PM, there are no gates that close.

What time is check out?
Check out is at 11:00 AM

Can I invite some of my friends and family to visit for the day?
Yes. All visitors must register at the office and pay $5.00 fee per person and $5.00 per car.
This fee is to cover costs for:  washroom facilities, garbage removal, clean up and insurance coverage.

Do you have fire-pits and picnic tables?
Yes every site has at least one picnic table and a fire-pit. *Please make sure the fire-pit is not moved to a different location within your campsite, fire-pits are set in key locations where there is less chance of causing a forest fire.

Do you have washrooms?
Yes we do have 2 facilities with flush toilets and hot showers. In addition we have 2 portable flush washrooms in the creek area.

Do you have laundry facilities?
Yes we have coin laundry facilities with new washers and dryers.

Do you have internet WiiFii?
Yes we have FREE Internet broadcast in one area of the park. Make sure to look at the map for network location.
The network is Klahanie and no password is needed.

Do you have a sanidump?
Yes. If you are camping here it's free to use. If you are not camping here there is a $8 dollar fee to use the sanidump.

Do we need a reservation?
We encourage you to make a reservation so you have a site reserved when you arrive. You can book online free, however if you are phoning to make a reservation there is a fee of $8.00.

Do I have to register when I arrive.
Absolutely, even if you have a reservation everyone has to register at the office at arrival and before setting up camp. If office is closed please be sure to self-register using the form provided at the door. 

Do you sell fire wood?
Yes we sell it at the office. Please be sure not to cut or collect any deadwood from the park. Please note the burning of construction material is forbidden. 

Do you sell Ice and other supplies?
No, however there is a gas station with small store a few KM away.

Where do all the rabbits come from?
The large stump, with the tree growing from it, in the middle of the parking lot is where the original two bunnies made home some 35 years ago.The rabbits found it easy to escape their confines and today flourish with acres of grass to nibble on. However the laws of nature do apply and they face many obstacles such as man, predators, weather, and each other. Although they may have had domestic beginnings, that was a long time ago and they should be considered wild and do not make good pets.