​​​Klahanie Campground

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May 29 2103 
 Beautiful campsite! The tent site by the pond is great, clean, with an outdoor sink for washing dishes. The creek is fresh from Shannon falls. The hosts have been friendly and helpful. I highly recommend!

Roman Prokop'ev
New Westminster  Bc
May 21 2013
Wonderful campground. Really spacious sites, very private. Clean grounds and facilities. Great owners, very helpful. 
Beautiful view of the falls. 
Will definitely be back soon.

Frances Perry
Vancouver, Canada
May 20 2013
Fantastic experience, welcoming and helpful staff, lovely, clean facilities. We definitely would come again!

Smiita Dishing
Surrey, Canada
May 19 2013
We had a lot of fun at Klahanie campgrounds. It has the most spectacular view of the Shannon Falls. Great provision for hot water, electricity. We are definitely going to make yearly visit to this place. Rick and Gabriela are awesome and very helpful.

Mohammed Alotaibi
May 19 2013
Vancouver Canada

It's the best place I have ever been in my life. In fact we will come to visit again .
One small thing is the washroom doesn't have hot water.
Other than that everything is amazing . 
Thank you so much.


Dec 17 2012

Really nice campground

definitely one of the best campground i've been too,
nice private and clean sites,
beautiful view of the waterfalls and the sound
clean washrooms
hot showers
fair prices
friendly staff

Jan 11 2011

Soo fun

Klahanie is my favorite camp ground. I have been going there with my aunt since i was 4. i love feeding the bunnies and the restraunt is wonderful.

May 7 2011

Most Amazing Place
Beautiful camping site I've ever being.
They have lots of bunnies and fire pits in every site, with amazing ocean views and creek side sites.
I had so much fun with all my friends and we will be visiting back for sure.

Is the best campsite in all Squamish

Dave g
May 7 2013

Love it

 Frankly, I thought it was a great stay and everyone of the staff members were totally helpful. Maybe they've put some more resources / cash into it recently because the site seemed to be really well kept and well looked after. I'd stay there again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends. Dave -

Aug 10 2008 


We camped all week at the Klahanie Campground, about 5 minutes from The Chief. It was a little more expensive than staying at the public campground at the base of The Chief, but we were happy with our decision – our campsite was a quaint little out of the way spot with very few neighbors, right next to a creek. The creek blocked out ALL the hwy noise, and we even had a picnic table to enjoy breakfast right along the water. But most unusual of all however, was the BUNNIES!!! I don’t mean wild rabbits, I mean big giant pet bunnies, running rampant everywhere! Apparently, they are all descendants from a pair of bunnies that were pets there about 20 years ago – they went missing, did what bunnies do, and now there are hundreds of fat furry bunnies roaming around, blissfully safe from predators by the Howe Sound on one side, and HWY 99 on the other!