​​​Klahanie Campground

The park consists of many steep, rugged mountains, many of them capped by glaciers. It includes Mount Garibaldi and other volcanoes related tosubduction volcanism in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt. The park features many dense Douglas-fir, western red cedar and western-hemlock forests, as well as alpine meadows and many rocky alpine areas. The park reaches its highest peak at Wedge Mountain—2,891 metres (9,485 ft).

Garibaldi Mountain

The new gondola will allow tourists to avoid hiking up the mountain, instead transporting them to a point 850 metres above Howe Sound on a route between Shannon Falls and the Stawamus Chief granite cliffs.

The tourist attraction also includes a café, several hiking and biking trails, an 836-square-metre lodge, viewing platforms and a suspension bridge the length of a football field.

Sea to Sky Gondola

Dropping from 335 metres (1,105 ft) above it's base, Shannon Falls is an impressive sight rising above Howe Sound. As the 3rd tallest falls in BC, its incredibly easy access make Shannon Falls by far the most popular picnicking spot and visitor attraction in the Sea to Sky Corridor - not to be missed.

Shannon falls

For over 30 years, Klahanie Campground has offered its breathtaking beauty and prime location to campers from all corners of the world. With the majestic Shannon Falls, "The Chief" and the Howe Sound as its backdrops, Klahanie Campground provides guests with 38 acres of lush green forest.    

 Located between Vancouver and Whistler (45 minutes each way), Klahanie Campground is a great base for all recreation and entertainment the Sea-to-Sky Corridor has to offer. Camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, scuba-diving, kayaking, kiteboarding, windsurfing and golfing are just a few of the activities located in the area.

Klahanie Campground is open year-round for your recreation and enjoyment, come join us!!! Reservations can be made online. 

Amazing Ocean Views

The Chief

Vancouver's Howe Sound in British Columbia is situated off the Straight of Georgia, between West Vancouver and the [Howe Sound location in BC - Click to enlarge]  Sunshine Coast. At the entrance of Howe Sound, on the very western tip of West Vancouver, lies Horseshoe Bay, home to Sewell's Marina and the heart of opportunities to explore Howe Sound, our Ocean Playground.

Howe Sound is full of sights to see and things to do, whether you want to discover its unique wildlife 


The Chief towers high above the town of Squamish and is a popular hiking destination that offers scenic views of Howe Sound and several mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Hikers can complete all three peaks of the Chief in a day or just choose to do a shorter trip to the South Peak that still offers a spectacular view. 

The Great Outdoors